Student's Corner

As a student pursuing a career in the polymer, metallurgy, ceramic, pharmaceutical, biological or energetic materials in industry, university or government sectors, it is extremely important for you to develop and maintain as many contacts as possible in the world of marketing, engineering, teaching, and research. The more you know about the Thermal Analysis "community,” the better prepared you will be to make a sound career decision.

The North American Society for Thermal Analysis offers you a unique opportunity to develop these important contacts.

The student membership fee is $10 per year. 
The money you spend to become a member of NATAS could prove to be one of your most valuable educational investments.

NATAS student award
This award recognizes the best original contribution by a graduate student to the advancement of the field of thermal analysis, broadly stated, as presented in a technical paper of no more than six pages in NATAS Proceedings format. The award consists of a $1,000 honorarium to enable the student to present his/her paper at the NATAS technical meeting and an appropriate plaque.

NATAS Student Award
NATAS Student Poster Award
NATAS Student Travel Awards