We hope you enjoyed our technical presentations and exhibit at the recent NATAS conference in Rockville, Maryland.

Learn about TA’s flagship thermal analyzers and rheometers, plus our newest material testing solutions including:
Battery Cycler Microcalorimetry

An end-to-end, in-operando measurement tool for elucidating the thermodynamic and electrochemical details of battery cells in real time, in a flexible and intuitive system.
2023-07-12-ES-ICR Tradeshow Announcement-Powder Accessory.png
Powder Rheology

Expands the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer’s capabilities to powders, enabling characterization of behaviors during storage, dispensing, processing and end use.
2023-07-12-ES-ICR Tradeshow Announcement-Auto-Trim.png
New Auto Trim Accessory

Simplifies polymer melt rheology by dramatically automating the sample heating and trimming process.
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